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Season 3: #PalesTour 2019

Day 41-43: Boise, ID to Bend, OR to home (Featuring Edge Brewing, Sockeye Brewing Co, and the Bend Brewfest)

Day 38-40: North Platte, NE to Thermopolis, WY to Idaho Falls, ID (Featuring Pals Brewing Co, One Eyed Buffalo, and Snow Eagle Brewing)

Day 35-37: Elizabethtown, KY to Bonne Terre, MO to Lawrence, KS (Featuring Flywheel Brewery, Free State Brewery, and Black Stag Brewing)

Day 32-34: Richmond, VA & Huntington, WV (Featuring Ardent Craft Ales and The Peddler Brewing Co)

Day 27-31: Huntersville & Asheville, NC (Featuring a Beer Geek tour at Sierra Nevada, Mills River and 12 more brewery stops, including one of our favs: Ass Clown Brewing)

Day 24-26: Kill Devil Hills & Greenville, NC (Featuring The Lost Colony Brewery, Uptown Brewery, and Pitt Street Brewery)

Day 22 & 23: Athens, OH & Fairfield, VA (Featuring Devil’s Kettle Brewery and Devil’s Backbone Brewery)

Day 20 & 21: Cedar Rapids, IA and Indianapolis, IN (Featuring Lions Bridge Brewery, Iowa Brewing Co, Clock House Brewery, and the Indiana Brewers’ Guild Brewfest. Bonus: future birth place of Captain Kirk).

Day 18 & 19: Madison, WI (Featuring Great Dane Brewery, Ale Asylum, Next Door Brewing, and One Barrel Brewery)

Day 16 & 17: Duluth & Frontenac, MN (Featuring Blacklist Brewery and Taproom, Canal Park Brewery, Hoops Brewery, and Red Wing Brewery)

Day 14 & 15: Fargo, ND to Grand Marais, MN (Featuring Junkyard Brewing, Drekker Brewing, and Voyageur Brewing Company)

Pales Tour Day 11 & 12 & 13: Scottsbluff, NE to Spearfish, SD to Bismarck, ND (Featuring Flyover Brewery, Lost Cabin Brewery, Crow Peak Brewery and Laughing Sun Brewery)

Pales Tour Day 9 & 10: Denver, CO (Featuring a SF Giants win, Denver and Kirkland Museums, and Black Shirt Brewery)

Pales Tour Day 7 & 8: Colorado Springs, CO (Featuring Phantom Canyon Brewery, Cerberus Brewery, Goat Patch Brewery, and Bristol Brewery in Ivywild School)

Pales Tour Day 5 & 6: Moab to Grand Junction to Buena Vista, CO (Featuring Rockslide Brewery, Edgewater Brewery, Palisade Brewing Co, Eddyline Brewing and some epic drives)


Pales Tour Day 3 & 4: Ely to Cedar Monument National Park to Moab, UT (Featuring great hikes in Cedar Monument and Moab Brewery in Moab, UT)


Pales Tour Day 1 & 2: Home to Ely, NV (Featuring Great Basin Brewery, Lead Dog Brewery, and Revision Brewery in Reno)

Season 2: #PalesTour 2018

Pales Tour Day 31 & 32: Arches National Park to Elko to home

Pales Tour Day 30: Mancos, CO (Featuring Mancos Brewing Co and Elouisa, our 57 Chevy bus airbnb)

Pales Tour Day 29: Albuquerque, NM (Featuring Canteen Brewing Co, La Cumbre Brewery, Tractor Brewing, and Marble Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 27 & 28: Longview & Lubbock, TX (Featuring Oil Horse Brewing, Triple J Brewery, and The Brewery LBK)

Pales Tour Day 25 & 26: Savannah, GA to Hoover, AL to Biloxi, MS (Featuring Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen and a great visit with the Alabama cousins)

Pales Tour Day 23 & 24: Asheville, NC to Savannah, GA (Featuring Crystal Beer Parlor and Moon River Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 21 & 22: Roanoke, VA to Asheville, NC (Featuring a Beer Geek tour of Sierra Nevada, Mills River plus Burial Brewing, Hi-Wire Brewing, Twin Leaf Brewing, Green Man Brewing, and Catawba Brewing in Asheville, NC)

Pales Tour Day 19 & 20: Williamsport, PA to Leesburg, VA to Roanoke, VA (Featuring Dirt Farm Brewery, Vanish Brewery, and Downshift Bikes & Brews)

Pales Tour Day 18: Pottersville, NY to Williamsport, PA (Featuring Riepstine’s Brewery and Bullfrog Brewery)

Pales Tour Day 17: Brattleboro, VT to Pottersville, NY (Featuring Paradox Brewery and thunder-storm, camping adventure)

Pales Tour Day 16: Cambridge, MA to Brattleboro, VT (Featuring Cambridge Brewery, Elm City Brewery and Whetstone Brewery)

Pales Tour Day 14 & 15: Cambridge, MA (Featuring Trillium Brewing, John Harvard Brewery, record stores, and cameos with Corey Sparks and Ryan Esposto)

Pales Tour Day 13: Ithaca, NY to Cambridge, MA (Featuring Baseball Museum in Cooperstown, NY)

Pales Tour Day 11 & 12: Springfield, OH, to Erie, PA to Ithaca, NY (Featuring Liquid State Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 10: Champaign, IL to Springfield, OH (Featuring Rusted Silo BBQ and Mother Stewart’s Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 9: Boone, IA to Champaign, IL (Featuring DESTIHL Brewery, The Blind Pig, and Triptych Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 8: Mansfield, SD to Boone, IA (Featuring Boone Valley Brewing)

Pales Tour Day 7: Spearfish, SD to Mansfield, SD (Featuring a cool Airbnb in South Dakota)

Pales Tour Day 6: Billings, MT to Spearfish, SD (Featuring Crow Peak Brewing, Devil’s Tower hike, and an awesome thunder storm)

Pales Tour Day 5: Missoula, MT to Billings, MT (Featuring Uberbrew, Montana Brewing Co, and Carter’s Brewing)

Day 4: Salmon, ID to Missoula, MT (Featuring Bandit Brewing Co, Bitterroot Brewery, Blacksmith Brewing Co, Imagine Nation Brewing, and Draught Works)

Day 3: Boise, ID to Salmon, ID (Featuring Bertram’s Brewery)

Day 1 & 2: Bend, OR & Boise, ID (Featuring Klamath Basin Brewing, Ale Apothecary, Goodlife Brewing, Boneyard Brew, Bend Brewing Co, Woodland Empire, and Barbarian Brewing)

Day 0: Pales Tour Season 2 preview


Pales in Comparison Summer 2018 teaser from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Season 1: #PalesTour 2015

#PalesTour: In Hindsight from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.

Final reflection for the Pales In Comparison Tour!


Day 19: Flagstaff, Az and Beaver Street, Lumberyard, Flagstaff Brewery, & Mother Load Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 19 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 18: Albuquerque and Bosque Brewing, La Cumbre, and Canteen Brewhouse

#PalesTour: Day 18 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Days 16 & 17:  Searcy, AR to Norman, OK to Amarillo, TX.

#PalesTour: Days 16 & 17 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Days 14 & 15:  Asheville, NC to Nashville, TN & Tennessee Brew Works and on to Searcy, AR with a stop at High Cotton Brewing along the way

#PalesTour: Days 14 & 15 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 13: Asheville, NC & Sierra Nevada, Mills River (part 2)

#PalesTour: Day 13 (Sierra Nevada, Mills River) from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.



Day 12: Asheville, NC & Sierra Nevada, Mills River

#Pales Tour: Day 12 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 11: Christiansburg, VA & Blue Lab Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 11 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 10: Leesburg, VA

#PalesTour: Day 10 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 9: Sylvania, OH

#PalesTour: Day 9 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 8: Toledo, OH and Black Cloister Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 8 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 7: Madison, WI and Vintage Brewing Co and Ale Asylum

#PalesTour: Day 7 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 6: St. Cloud, MN and Beaver Island Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 6 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 5: Bismarck, ND and Laughing Sun Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 5 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.

Day 4: Fort Peck, MT

#PalesTour: Day 4 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 3: Stevensville, MT and Black Smith Brewing Company

#PalesTour: Day 3 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.


Day 2: Lewiston, ID and MJ Barleyhoppers

#PalesTour: Day 2 from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.

Day 1: Bend, OR and 10 Barrel Brewery

Day 0: Sierra Nevada Brewery, Chico, CA

Day -6: Pre-Planning Kick Off Video (aka working out the kinks)

#PalesTour: Pre-Planning from Kim Jaxon on Vimeo.

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